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Therapeutic Massages

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Our therapeutic massage is generally an area specific treatment that is focused on reducing or eliminating pain in a problematic area. This is the type of massage to choose when you are dealing with acute or chronic discomfort that prevents you from doing your normal daily activities.

MyoKinesis’s strength is that we focus on the problem, not the symptom. Our skilled therapists will provide exceptional care and will thoroughly assess you to build a customized treatment plan according to your health history to address your specific needs. We will help assist you to restore your normal body posture with a combination of massage therapy, stretching and strengthening exercises.

To achieve optimum results it is to be noted that this type of massage will at some point during your treatment be uncomfortable. Your therapist will explain how to manage this while still making it a great experience. There is usually some discomfort or stiffness after this type of treatment but will subside within a few days. To reduce any post treatment symptoms make sure to follow your therapist’s advice for home care.

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